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Save space and time managing records and document storage...

Your office space is valuable and costly. So it makes sense to maximize your space by storing business information off-site with professional administrative services. Alexander's off-site document management solution frees up your valuable office space and eliminates the administrative costs of coordinating and managing cartons and files. "Retention notifications" and "destruction alert services" help our clients meet internal mandates or government regulations for document retention and/or destruction.

Off-site Records Storage

Efficient archive storage and file access does not have to be a challenge. Alexander's helps businesses of all types and sizes develop an efficient off-site records storage strategy.

  • Alexander's Mobility Services provides clients throughout North America with comprehensive data storage and document storage services. We feature cartons specifically designed for document retention, long-term storage and frequent retrievals.
  • Using our network of qualified partners, we will develop a strategy to meet your service and cost goals.
  • Alexander's team is trained and equipped to manage and execute all aspects of your program. From the packing and indexing of your records to their collection and subsequent delivery when you need files or records.
  • We can ensure that you meet compliance obligations with comprehensive disaster recovery policies and a thorough analysis of potential legalities.
  • All Alexander's facilities feature special racking systems, Windfall™ bar code tracking systems, fire and security systems, and temperature monitoring.

Active File Management

  • Alexander's Mobility Services has specifically designed our open shelf filing system for active live file storage services. It facilitates secure storage while allowing ease of access to files needed on a regular basis.
  • Our secure, open shelf system minimizes the risk of misplaced files, unauthorized access and costly, untimely delays in accessing information.
  • Our Windfall™ bar coding system is specifically designed to track every movement of your documents in a transparent and auditable manner that can be provided in easy-to-read customizable reports.

Document Indexing & Inventory Control

According to pre-determined specifications and a process we develop with you to fit your needs, each and every individual record can go through a document indexing process and be assigned a unique Windfall™ bar code, capturing all relevant and required data.

  • Indexing services, which may include packing and cataloguing, can be provided on a project basis or as an on-going service.
  • For records already indexed through your own system or an existing provider, Alexander's will merge the existing data with any newly captured data to provide an accurate and complete index.
  • File insertion services are available when new files or documents need to be inserted into existing cartons or files.

Vital Records Storage & Protection

  • An effective vital records storage and protection program secures business data containing the critical information any organization needs to resume functionality after a disaster or unforeseen disruption.
  • These critical records ensure sustainability and should be a major component of your organization's broader business continuity plan.
  • All Alexander's personnel undergo ongoing security screening, including criminal background checks and substance abuse screening.

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