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Wired in to electronics transportation...


Moving sensitive electronic equipment takes skill and expertise. You can count on Alexander's Mobility Services to measure up to any electronics challenge. Whether moving sophisticated laboratory equipment, high-value computer and communications systems, or an inventory of electronic components, Alexander's has the equipment, resources and expertise to make it happen.

We have earned the trust of leading electronics producers with our professionalism and demonstrated skill in handling medical equipment, robotics, computers, clean rooms, precision machine tools, and high-tech instruments for aeronautics and aerospace.


Your Expensive Equipment Floats on Air

There is no smoother transportation system on the road than our Specialized Transportation Group units with full air-ride suspension when both the tractor and trailer are air-ride equipped. Hydraulic lift gates and specialized logistical equipment enable our professional van operator and team to gently place your goods at destination.

ASTEC™ -- When Time Is Critical for Smaller Shipments

Alexander's Mobility Services is part of the nationwide network of Atlas Specialized Transportation Express Centers which allows us to give you ultra-responsive service on electronics shipments of 3,000 pounds or less. Within 24 hours' notice, our ASTEC agent will pick up your goods and begin the transportation process.

"Tech Rep" Delivery

"Tech Rep" delivery is a great option when scheduling a critical installation at destination. Tech Rep ensures we will deliver your goods on time when technicians or other costly service providers are involved.

Let's Get Started!

When you need electronics shipping, Alexander's Mobility Services answers. Request a free estimate now, or contact your nearest Alexander's location for more information.