by Alexander's Mobility Services


Do you want complete control of every move?

How much time do you really have to focus on the tasks that optimize business performance? Does managing multiple movers stand in the way of accomplishing significant business goals for you, your department, or your organization? What could you be doing to improve the relocation process in your organization?

As the Saying Goes, "Time Is Money"

When you are responsible for moving others, you can count on Alexander's Mobility Services to administer your multi-mover relocation program so you can focus on big picture initiatives, according to your terms and expectations. As a member of the Atlas' agency family, Alexander's offers Avail Resource Management program which helps you find, and manage, the best carriers to handle your business.

With Avail Resource Management, organizations like yours can rest assured that you have consistent and repeatable processes to distribute moves as you direct. Your vendor relationships can become stronger. Avail administers your household goods move program carefully and efficiently - before, during and after the move.


Processes and Reporting to Maximize Value for You

Avail helps you find the best household goods carriers and partners to trust with your transferees' moves, creating transferee satisfaction while complying with your relocation policy. Services include contract administration; policy consulting; onboarding, initiating a program; supply chain management; auditing and reporting; and expense tracking.

Full-service Moves Supported by High-tech Tools

Alexander's Mobility Services collects and organizes data utilizing the Avail Order Management System, a sophisticated proprietary information system. Avail’s order management system ensures that service representatives have the finest tools in the industry at their fingertips to serve you and your transferees.

How AOM Works

When you submit a move request, the system alerts Avail to assign the move to the appropriate service partner based on the distribution guidelines you have established. The selected carrier provides a moving quote based on an in-home survey through AOM for you or your relocation management company to approval.

Customized Reporting Power

In addition to serving as a tool to assign, distribute, and administer moving services, AOM provides valuable feedback enabling you to make decisions supported by objective data. You receive relocation activity reports tailored to your needs, giving you a detailed picture and breakdown of shipment costs, volume and other metrics. Customer satisfaction data and other quality performance metrics contribute to the overall performance picture. You have the information you need to manage your program and your vendors.

Service Options to Fit Your Needs

To find out more about how our move-management services can work for you, contact us to set up a demonstration of our process and technology. We'd like to show you more about this innovative program. With our precise measurements and recommendations, you'll gain insights for more effective policies and enhanced employee satisfaction.