Alexander's Mobility Services -- San Diego, CA
Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Regarding Olivia Humphreys (customer service representative) and Joseph Durett (driver)...

Olivia, sorry it took so long to get this to you but, of course, trying to get life organized after a move isn't the easiest thing to do. However, I would like to say that the move my family just made was fantastic. I honestly believe the reason I feel this way is simply because of the care and dedication your staff took with me and my family. Everyone during this whole process, from you all the way to the driver [Joseph Durett], has been amazing. If i ever go through this again, there are some pretty big shoes to fill for the next set of people who move me.

Joe, the driver, is an outstanding individual--everything from the way he managed the younger kids that were "helping" in MO, to the fact that he was still organized when he dropped of in AZ, to knowing exactly where and how to put everything to make it a perfect fit.

All in all, a big thanks to everyone who helped out in your department...and keep up the great work. The dedication that is shown from the people you work with also tells a lot about that company, and you will always get great words from another satisfied customer.

Thanks again,
Ron Varela
The Cheesecake Factory, Inc.