Alexander's Mobility Services
Thursday, September 17, 2015

Good morning, Mr. Klott:

A note of gratitude and appreciation for all that Leslie has done with my move. I actually reached out to her before my move was assigned (wishful thinking), and she was kind enough to explain the process. You can imagine how thrilled I was when she contacted me, as she was amazing in my last move.

Planning my move with Leslie was like planning my move with a friend - she was interested enough in my banter to keep our convesations casual, but also brought me back to task when needed. I truly feel like we were able to learn a lot about each other! Please recognize her super star performance!

I also must commend your drivers and crew. Steve was awesome - totally down to earth, personable, yet respectvul of my time and belongings. I could leave New York knowing that my things were being cared for. He is definitely a star member of your team, and should be recognized.

While I hope that I am settled for a while, I sincerely look forward to possibly working with Leslie and Alexander's again in the future.