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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tustin, CA - With National Moving Month quickly coming to a close, Alexander’s is celebrating yet another year of safe driving and outstanding work by recognizing the drivers who have reached new Safe Driving Milestones. Each of the drivers recognized have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles without any U.S. Department of Transportation chargeable accidents on their record. Combined, Alexander’s drivers traveled an average of 661,743 miles in 2012. Among Atlas’ U.S. agents in 2012 drivers totaled 79 chargeable accidents and averaged just over one DOT chargeable accident per one million miles.

  • Brad Munter 1,850,000 miles
  • Randy Richards 1,000,000 miles
  • Dana Varner 650,000 miles
  • Ron Lott 650,000 miles
  • David Vaughn 600,000 miles
  • Timothy Balogh 1,200,000 miles
  • Lee Jones 750,000 miles
  • Glenn Hunt 600,000 miles
  • David Smith 400,000 miles
  • Stephen Blevins 350,000 miles
  • Jacob Lancrain 150,000 miles

Combined, these drivers account for over 8,200,000 miles traveled with no accidents. According to the Federal Highway Safety Commission, the average American is estimated to drive 15,000 miles per year, meaning that the average American would have to drive for 546 years with no accidents in order to equal the same distance as the Alexander’s drivers being recognized.

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