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Thursday, March 1, 2012

A great foundation and best practice for successful projects.

Thousands of moves, hundreds of projects and decades of experience have led us to develop our Four Phase Management Approach to office and industrial moving -- the foundation for our success on your project.


Phase 1:
The Assessment
Alexander's four phase approach begins with the assessment of every aspect related to the move from site visits to the origin and destination sites to a thorough review of the contract scope. This assessment covers program and project management; inventory management and tracking; decommissioning and re-commissioning of equipment; relocation planning; packing and moving services; equipment certification; reporting; quality assurance; and compliance and risk management.


Phase 2:
The Plan
This assessment leads to the creation of a comprehensive plan, our second stage, that outlines every step of the move and plans for all possible contingencies from inclement weather to traffic jams. This planning phase is the blueprint for moving ahead to the third step on the project; move implementation and execution.


Phase 3:
Move Implementation
Move implementation and execution guides the crew and support team through the day-to-day progress of the move. One of the hallmarks of our approach is that detailed preparation enables us to easily address the day-to-day changes that inevitably occur. Site-based project managers are on-hand to manage any change and ensure the seamless progression of the move.


Phase 4:
Lessons Learned
Every plan can benefit from a thorough review and the creation of a list of lessons learned. This review is the final stage of our four step process and a step that is often left out of other movers' services. It ensures that we continue to refine our best practices.

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