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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reusable plastic crates are kind of a no-brainer for Alexander's Mobility Services' commercial projects. They are much easier to use, reduce claims for loss/damage, are less expensive and much more environmentally friendly than traditional cardboard boxes.


Makes Sense! Here are the facts:

  • Crates produce 92% less total solid waste.
  • They generate 28% less in total greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Production of crates requires 36% less total energy.

Crates reduce the number of truckloads needed for a move because we can safely stack them higher than cardboard boxes. This minimizes fuel consumption and the resulting carbon emissions. The reusable crates conserve the resources required to manufacture, transport and even recycle paper-based packaging that will only be used once.

Made from 100% recyclable plastic, the primary component of crate manufacturing is natural gas. This uses less fossil fuel per pound than cardboard processing/recycling. Plastics manufacturing generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions than the paper making recycling process.

It's Our Obligation

Alexander's Mobility Services' core business utilizes consumables that could have an environmental impact -- particularly fossil fuels and paper. As an industry leader, we feel an obligation to find environmentally-focused initiatives to minimize or eliminate that impact. Plastic crates are one of the best ways we accomplish this...every day.

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