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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Alexander’s Mobility Services' monthly “Sales Spotlight” program highlights a sales team member and uncovers what makes them-- and the services they sell—so unique. The Sales Spotlight will feature our teams’ best moving tips, favorite on-the-job stories, and interesting facts about the many services that we offer.



This month we sat down with Lynn Taff of Alexander’s Nashville office to talk a little about her, the moving industry, and what advice she brings to her household goods clients.

Lynn began her career in the moving and storage industry as a packing contractor and eventually transitioned to sales. She joined the Alexander's team in 2011 and has already earned Alexander’s Top COD Sales Award. An active member of the American Moving and Storage Association, Lynn takes great joy in working with her customers to figure out how she can give them the best move possible.


What is your number one goal when working with a household goods client?

My number one goal when working with a client is to learn about their needs. Then I let them know that Alexander’s is as a company that brings quality and experience together to meet those needs.

What is the biggest misconception you hear from clients about movers?

Some clients think that professional movers are all the same. They think they can go online and pick anyone, what they don’t know is that often there are big differences between companies. Being outside of the industry, they do not understand all of the information they get from moving companies. By getting rid of all these misconceptions, I can help them make more informed decisions when deciding on a mover.

What reasons do you hear from clients in regards to why they chose to use a mover?

I hear from many of my clients that they decided to move with Alexander’s because they trust me. They feel that their belongings are going to be safe and that we will do what we say we are going to do. This brings a calm to the process and allows them to think about the other big decisions they have to make.

What is the best way for someone to reduce the cost of their COD move?

Get rid of items that you do not need! Go through your home before the move and donate items, clean out your paper drawers, get rid of clothes that you do not wear, clean out the attic, garage, and other spaces where you have just put items that you are not using. This will reduce the cost of a move significantly.

What is your Favorite part of selling COD?

My favorite part of selling COD is that I get to meet so many new people. It is always an exciting challenge to figure out how I can work with new clients to give them the best move they will ever experience.

What piece of advice would you give to a new client?

I would advise the client to have an in-home evaluation before their move to sit down and talk through the process and identify their expectations. Doing this will make sure the client's expectations are reasonable and clearly defined going into the move, and that they know what actually goes on during the move process. Most clients do not understand all that goes into making a move happen, so communication is key!

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