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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Alexander’s Mobility Services' monthly “Sales Spotlight” program highlights a sales team member and uncovers what makes them-- and the services they sell—so unique. The Sales Spotlight will feature our teams’ best moving tips, favorite on-the-job stories, and interesting facts about the many services that we offer.


This month we sat down with Mia Erickson and Kevin Quagliano of Alexander’s Minneapolis office to talk a little about the exciting new Stage and Store program that has been taking the Twin Cities by storm.

Mia has been in the moving and storage industry for 24 years, occupying multiple roles from customer service, to business development and general management. With a background in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Mia brings a unique, customer-oriented approach to managing her customers’ business. When she joined the Alexander’s team in 2010 Mia began working in national account sales focusing on serving corporate clients throughout the Twin Cities area. An active member of the Minnesota Employee Relocation Council for over 20 years and winner of numerous industry awards focusing particularly on sales excellence, Mia takes great joy in creating new, innovative ways to meet her clients’ every need

Kevin Quagliano has been with Alexander’s since 2007. With a long history in the Minneapolis area moving and storage industry, Kevin has earned multiple sales achievement awards for outstanding performance. With a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Nevada- Las Vegas, Kevin brings an organized, methodical approach to the way he manages his accounts to serve his customers.

What strengths do you have as a team that are especially beneficial for the client?

Kevin and I have very different skill sets and personalities. Where I am weak he is strong and vice versa. We balance each other out. I’m a bit hyper, a big picture visionary type with a dash of creativity whereas Kevin is calm, very detail orientated, and an expert in what can sometimes be a very complicated business. Combined, we are the total package and our partners and clients benefit from having the best of both worlds in a cohesive team!

Why did you decide to begin the Stage & Store Program?

A few years ago there was a surplus of homes for sale in our market; we found that Realtors were advising their clients that they needed to do some de-cluttering and staging in order to get the homes sold quickly and at asking price. Kevin and I saw an opportunity to offer a unique service that was not being offered by anybody else in our area

Getting a Realtor to refer their clients to a moving company is very difficult so we had to work hard to prove that our services had real value for them and their clients. We created this value-add program to help them take that first “leap of faith”. After that it’s our job to wow and delight their client with our Elite Fleet crews so that they go back to their Realtor gushing about the amazing service they received from Alexander’s. When that happens, you know you have a partner for life!


How would you explain the Stage & Store Program to a new client?

The Stage & Store Program is the quickest, most efficient way to get your home de-cluttered and ready to sell at a price that can’t be beat. Our crews come to your home, load, transport and store the items for as long as it takes to sell the home. You don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. We do all the work for you!

Why should they take advantage of it?

It's proven that staged, clutter-free homes sell more readily and for a price closer to the asking price than unstaged homes.

What is your favorite on-the-job memory?

One great memory that comes to mind is the time we moved a truck load of taxidermy animals. What an experience!

What advice would you give a new client?

Sit back, relax and let us handle it!

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